About Us

Our Approach

The Philosophy behind that brought about the formation of the store is the heart of a vivid scooterist looking to maximize the potential from the stock setup. However not finding any opportunity to explore due to the non-existence of a local market selling quality performance parts. Thereby opening up a new opportunity to explore market segment that has unlimited potential and pioneering the way to achieving, sustaining and driving to satisfy every scooter enthusiastic with world-class products.

Our Story

It all began when I got my first moto scooter a few years back. Which by itself was the first of its kind to cater towards the sporty aspect of scootering. However, after a while, you realize that one can extract much more from the stock setup, which is biased more towards an average rider. But not me, who wanted moreā€¦. And I was not alone!

After lots of experimentation with various components came up with a structured approach towards performance tuning that can and should be done in stages to appreciate every aspect of change that is done on the engine giving you that extra that will bring about a smile…!