What is Roller Weight?

Basic concept

Roller Weight-
     also known as Weight Roller, Clutch Roller Weight, Variator Roller, Weight Roller Comp, etc.


 Roller weight is one of the parts in the scooter CVT (continuous variable transmission) system. It’s short-cylinder shaped. While most of them are 6 pieces per set or 8 pieces per set, sometimes you can also see 12-pieces type, according to different scooter models.

6 pieces per set
8 pieces per set
12 pieces per set

Where is it located?

  Generally speaking, there is a CVT housing between the front tire and rear tire, under the luggage box and close to the engine side. Roller weights are located in that CVT housing.

Structure Diagram

How much does it weight?

  It’s light that we can hold a set of roller weights in our hands. The weight per piece usually ranges from 3 to 30 grams according to the model of scooter.

Basic working principle

  In the CVT housing, you can find several other parts, including the variator (or MDF, moveable drive face), the ramp plate and fan. Roller weights are all set up between the variator and the ramp plate. Starting from the spinning of the scooter engine, the variator set spins. Once you open the throttle, the roller weights inside are going outward because of the centrifugal force. Pushed by the outgoing roller weights, the MDF is moved toward the fan, and the belt is going outward.

  While the belt is going outward, the gear ratio continuously changes from high to low, and the scooter speed rises.

What can it do?

  Roller weights are commonly selected to improve driving performance, because it’s easy, cost effective and time saving. Most important, the result is quick and obvious. According to the weight you select, it can even affect the maximum velocity and the initial acceleration of the scooter, giving you much more fun when riding your scooter. What kind of performance would you like?

Weights Option, Common Question ★★★

Vary with different users’ preference

  “What’s the correct weight that I shall choose?” is the most commonly asked question.  However, since everyone has different riding style, everyone can have different preference. For example, if rider A chooses a weight to enjoy a powerful acceleration, rider B might think it too aggressive and rather to have a smoother start-up. It’s kind of personal when choosing weights, so there isn’t one correct answer for all.

Simple Rule to Choose Weight

Even so, you can still follow this simple rule to choose the weight for your scooter:

Lighter to accelerate, Heavier to higher top-end.

  That is, if you choose a weight lighter than the stock one, you can have more initial acceleration; and if you choose a heavier one, you can have higher top-end speed than the original setting. If you are new to the world of scooter tuning, we will recommend you start from the weights close to the stock weights, either lighter or heavier. Once you tried one and felt the difference, you can then start from there.

Different Weight in Different Area

  Even with the same model name, vehicles may still be different in different areas or countries.
Models listed are for reference. Please check with your technician before purchasing.